This is North Terminal

We are a small independent business, based in the picturesque village of Warkworth in rural Northumberland. Because of our size and location, support services are offered only to customers within our locality. Therefore, with the exception of special agreements, we operate between the borders of Berwickshire and North Tyneside.

Because of the nature of our web design service and the ability to submit your request and content by phone and e-mail, we will happily take on customers from anywhere in the world, though please note our limitation to converse and develop designs in English only.

All of your support needs

Whether you are a small business without the support of an in-house IT department or a home user that needs the help and advice to get your computer up and running again, North Terminal has the tools ready to be put at your disposal, and all at a very reasonable cost.

Web Design & Hosting

Thought about having a presence on the world wide web but decided the cost is too high to justify? It need not be so expensive. If your business needs the extra advertising the internet can provide, then contact us for a free quote and you may be surprised at how little it costs to get yourself on the net.

Visit our web design page for more information on available services and starter packages.

Conforming to Standards

The importance of standards in design can not be understated. Enabling a page design to be correctly rendered within web browsing software is an important feature of our design and without respecting the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) this would not be nearly possible. Each page has been validated to conform XHTML1.0 Strict and CSS standards and to represent this fact you will find the validation marks below.

Our sites are optimized for the most popular browsers, though if you find that any of our pages are not displayed correctly in your browser we would appreciate hearing from you, specifying the URL and the browser used to view the page. Please use our contact form.

Which Browser?

A great deal of our support calls are the result of insecure web browsers allowing users to inadvertently download unwanted software onto their PC. The current advice from North Terminal is to get Firefox! Not only is this browser a very secure option, the developers at the Mozilla Foundation take the aforementioned standards very seriously which means that any conforming pages will display correctly in their browser.

Firefox may be downloaded from the Mozilla Foundation and used free of charge. To get your copy, click on the button below.

Get Firefox!
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