Support Services

These services are provided on a local basis only to customers in the Northumberland area and encompass comprehensive technical support for your home or business. Residential visits arranged at a time convenient to you (outside of office hours) at no additional cost, and with no call out fee.

Call on (01665) 712 381 for advice or to arrange a visit.

Upgrades & Repairs

Have you decided that your PC needs more punch, or maybe it's been on the receiving end of one! If the compatibility issues surrounding the matching of new, replacement or upgrade components for your machine have rendered you unable to see the wood from the trees, then place a support call to us and our expert could be on your doorstep in next to no time.


A modern day addition to the two constants of inevitability, death and taxes, the third must surely be that at some given point in your ownership of a computer it will go wrong in some strange and inexplicable way that defies explanation.

Software corruption is an unfortunate but commonplace occurrence that can be the result of a multitude causes. Sometimes it may be the result of a bug in your chosen operating system or the software provided by the manufacturers of the PC components and sometimes it may be the cause of a computer virus or spyware program that is playing havoc with your system. Whatever the cause, leave it to us to identify and remedy the problem and return your PC to full functionality.

Installation & Configuration

If you have just purchased a new PC, have decided to install a home network or simply have some new software that you may be having difficulty installing, why not call upon our expertise to spare you the frustration of the trial and error method that goes hand in hand with your first attempt at performing complex tasks with your computing equipment.

One to One Tuition

If you are new to it all or would like to advance your skills from beginner to intermediate, then contact us for personally tailored tutorials that can be arranged specifically to suit your needs. In your own home and with your own equipment, our training sessions will save you the frustration of learning away from home then trying to apply abstract concepts taught in the classroom to your own computing environment.